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you're on the right path...


Life is too short not to live the best version of it you can. That's why you've made the right decision... to commit to a fulfilling life, to become the best version of yourself you can be.

That decision will kick off a series of changes in the way you think and act that will have long-lasting positive impacts on your future self, but at this moment you are in the quiet, anticipatory period between commitment and action.

Take a beat to revel in the moment. Close your eyes, draw a few deep breaths, relax your body. Imagine yourself in one year, five years, twenty years. Imagine that future self thanking your now self for making having the courage to think long term.


don't wait... anticipate


What follows isn’t magic. You will start with simple exercises where you practice keeping your mindset focused and positive. Over time as you gain mastery, you will feel your confidence increase, your horizons broaden, your relationships deepen, your physical health improve, and your baseline happiness increasing.

There’s a quote from author and psychotherapist Anthony de Mello, “We yearn for change, but cling to the familiar.” Most people dream about a better future, but very few commit themselves to the work and study required to achieve those dreams. By choosing the path you just chose, you’ve separated yourself from the pack and cracked the door to a whole new world of possibilities.


we're rooting for you...


We, the three founders of Bodhi Band, were fortunate to have each other and our loved ones to lean on and learn from as we went on our own journeys. During this period of anticipation, think about who you would like to invite along on yours. You can send them this link to help give them the context they need.

If you don’t have a partner to bring along, you don’t have to go it alone. Stay connected to our Bodhi Band community through social media, or feel free to reach out to the founder group any time. We’d love to hear your story and your thoughts as you grow and learn through the program.


while you anticipate...

While you're anticipating the start of your program, here's what we'd like you to do:

  •   • Go for a walk. Focus on breathing the fresh the air and taking in your surroundings.
  •   • Reflect on who you are and who you want to be.

  • Appreciate everyone in your life who might support you now and through this journey.


from the bottom of our heart... thank you

On behalf of the Bodhi team, thank you so much for signing up. We've been on this journey too. Our mission is to be able to help others with this pursuit. By signing up, you're making that mission possible.

Good luck, and we're looking forward to hearing from you soon!


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