Why Study This Mantra...

You will take a big step toward living your life's calling. This is one of the hardest (and most valuable) things we can do for ourselves in our life!

"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined."
– Henry David Thoreau


In studying this mantra, you’ll begin to understand the importance of being true to yourself and living an authentic life!

Ultimately, a fulfilling life is one where you're working on your life's true calling. 

This month, you'll work on providing your genuine good. You'll call upon everything you've worked on in previous months. Ultimately, you'll recognize a re-architecture of your life. This month, you'll be real.


Before you begin...

Before you start these practices and challenges, take a moment to rate yourself on this mantra. Give yourself a score from 1-10 (10 being the highest). 

Do this again at the end of a month of practices and challenges. How much have you grown?


The Practices

Daily Practice

Prove My Genuine Good

Today's affirmation: "I know what I value most and I make my decisions from it."

Today, I will be true to myself. I will give the world my genuine good. The good that I have and no one else has. 

I will view the world through the lens of my values. I will live my values today. I will make decisions from my values.

I will end this day bigger, stronger, and more myself than when this day started. 

Today, I will be authentic. Today, I will be real.


Monthly Challenge

Find Your Values

This month, determine your values. 

First, in your journal, write down 6 people you admire the most in the world. These could be role models or valued connections. What is it that you admire about them? Kindness? Perseverance? Passion? Optimism? Write it down. It's likely that you admire them because they exhibit traits that you admire yourself.

Next, think back to the best and most painful moments of your life. What do these experiences reveal about your core values? What value was it that made that moment particularly great or painful?

Then, go back to your Write Your Own Story monthly challenge and your Flow journal. Read them again. What values are implied in them?

Then, review all lists of values and group them into categories. For example, if you wrote down "duty" and "responsibility," these can be grouped. Choose one word to represent each group.

Finally, rank them. Which values stand out the most to you? Which resonate with your soul? Circle the top 5.

Finding My Values in My Journal

As I remove my mantra tonight, I will take 3-5 minutes to read past journal entries

  • In my "Write My Own Story" monthly challenge, which 1-2 mantras are important for driving my story forward?
  • In my "Write My Own Story" monthly challenge, what values are implied in my story?
  • In my "Flow Journal," what are the major themes around what energizes me the most?
  • I will then write down the 2-3 things I will accomplish starting the next morning to live my own story.


        The Reasoning

        For a definitive look at this month's mantras and practices, including what philosophers, theologians, psychologists, and scientists throughout history have thought, taught, and advocated, click below.

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