Breaking Down Barriers to Changing Your Behavior

Breaking Down Barriers to Changing Your Behavior

Behavior change is hard, and what makes it harder is the looming black clouds of behavior change – barriers that often get in your way and hold you back. We’ve all experienced it. But what can we do about it to be more successful?


The biggest culprit of failure is overlooking the most important step – preparation. How should you prepare for your behavior change?

  • Eliminate the barriers before you even start. Think through what they will be and how you’ll overcome them.
  • Prepare a list of motivating statements. 
  • Write down your goals. Make sure they’re achievable and measurable. 
  • Find resources such as support groups, counselors, or friends who can offer advice and encouragement.

Then Once You Get Started...

So you’re prepared! But it’s still not bulletproof. What tools can help you in this stage?

  • You’re going to feel very resistant to change early on. This is perfectly natural. The most important thing is to tell yourself to stick with it.
  • Every so often, re-review your motivations, resources, and progress in order to refresh your commitment and belief in your abilities. In other words, keep reminding yourself why you’re doing it and that you’re successful.
  • Congratulate and reward yourself for any positive steps you take. 
  • Reinforcement and support are super important as well.
  • Finally, look for ways to avoid temptation/relapse. Which brings us to our final stage...


Remember: Relapses in behavior change are not only common, they are virtually inevitable. If you relapse, what should you do (and don’t do)?

  • Don’t be too hard on yourself.
  • Don’t give up.
  • Don’t let it undermine your self-confidence. 
  • Instead, remind yourself that it was just a minor setback. 
  • Then start from scratch with preparation and action. This time, you know what to watch out for and avoid! 

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The Bodhi Band Team

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