Frequently Asked Questions

1. What will I get each month for my subscription?

Each month, you'll get a new charm to wear, along with a booklet which explains your practices for the month. The practices will include daily affirmations, daily practices, and monthly challenges. Some months will include journaling or other activities.

We'll also be communicating with you along the way by email and SMS. Through the SMS program, you'll get really awesome additional context from industry experts like Ted Talks, podcasts, and other further reading.

Your subscription will also include access to our community of like-minded individuals, who are going through the program just like you and whom you can lean on to be your new tribe.

Our goal is to help you not just learn but embody all of life's most important lesson. For you to achieve this goal, we've curated the BEST, RICHEST, MOST COMPREHENSIVE content across all of humanity, including books, scientific publications, philosophy, life coaching best practices, behavior change best practices, and only a touch of religion.

Expect a few surprises along the way. 

2. What are all of the mantras? May I get a list?

The full list will only be released one month at a time to our subscribers. The mantras are the heart of this program, to be discovered and explored naturally as you go through it. All of them fall into one of four categories: self-awareness, perspective, connection, and contribution. They will build on themselves throughout the program. You will start by getting to know yourself in these categories. As you work through the program, you'll grow and improve within each. Before you know it, you'll be a master! Topics will include: Gratitude, forgiveness, write your own story, time & money, humility, identifying your values, finding your purpose, adopting a growth mindset, goalsetting, and more.

3. How long is the program?

We're always revising the program based on current research and by talking to our members about what's most effective. The current full program is 48 months, broken into 8 6-month "seasons." We recommend that you commit to yourself to the full progression. 

4. Can I keep going after my program is over?

Currently, once you graduate from the program, you'll be automatically unsubscribed and you'll no longer be charged. You'll be notified by email. We hope to roll out more programs in the future, so stay tuned!

5. Can I cancel anytime?

Absolutely. Simply send us a quick note at and we'll cancel your membership. Please include feedback in your note, though, so we can continue to improve the program. Or if you've activated your account online, you can cancel from your account. We'll be sad to see you go!

6. How do I "Go Digital"?

Whether you're eco-conscious or simply trying us out, going digital is a great alternative. You'll get to enjoy all of the same practices and communications as the physical program, but without the monthly package in the mail. Instead, you'll receive everything you need by email and SMS.

7. What's my band made out of? How do I take care of it?

Your band is silicone, and your charm is aluminum. We recommend just warm water on the entire thing. If you want it like new again, we recommend an all-purpose cleaner like Lysol on the silicone, and you can polish the aluminum back to shine with a standard metal polish in about 4 minutes.

8. My metal charm has gotten scratched and dulled as I've worn it. Help!

Your charm is made from polished aluminum. It's perfectly natural that as you wear it and rub it up against things, it scratches and dulls over time. You can certainly polish it back to new condition using any off-the-shelf metal polish. (Click here for one you can get from Amazon for under $20.)

However, we'd like you to think of each scratch as proof of your self growth. The fact that it's worn and torn only means you should be that much prouder of yourself for putting in the time and dedication to improve yourself! So wear those scratches with pride! 

9. I live in Canada. Can I get Bodhi Band shipped to me?

Sorry. Unfortunately, we're currently only shipping to the United States.

10. I signed up! When will I get my first band?

You'll get your first month within a week or so, then each subsequent month is shipped on the 20th of the month to ensure it arrives by the 1st of the month.

11. I have another question.

Reach out to us any time on our contact page and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!