Cultivating Lasting Love

Cultivating Lasting Love

Not one relationship on the planet is immune from this one truth: Love must be nurtured. In other words, having love for your partner isn’t enough – you must also show it! 

So how do you do that? According to Dr. Gary Chapman, expressing and receiving love comes in five languages:

  1. Words of Affirmation. Giving compliments, thanks, and other positive comments with a positive tone.
  2. Acts of Service. Doing chores and other actions that ease a partner’s burden.
  3. Gifts. Physical tokens that are representative of love.
  4. Quality Time. Giving full, undivided attention and finding joy in activities pursued with your partner.
  5. Physical Touch. Holding hands, hugging, and other forms of physical intimacy.

Do you know your partner’s and your languages of love? Where are you strong and where could you be better? Which of these can you act on today? 

As we head into Valentine’s Day, keep these five languages in mind and know that it’s not just flowers and chocolate that make a great romance during this oh so romantic time of year.


Bodhi is here to support you! In the ‘Love’ month, you’ll focus on this method. You’ll also learn an exercise that will help you feel even more connected with your special someone. 

The ‘Love’ month is just one in our Connection series, helping you feel connected to the most important people in your life and grounded in mother nature.

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