Founder Story: Compass

Founder Story: Compass

I carry a compass around in my pocket to remind me that I’m not just going… I’m going in a direction. And that if it’s not the RIGHT direction, then there’s no point in going. Or if I’m going aimlessly. If I’ve just forgotten that life is always moving forward. If I’ve taken my hands off the wheel. And that the RIGHT direction is defined by me, who I am, my values, and my world view. And that life will always be chugging along, moving forward, regardless of if I’m at the steering wheel or not.

How do we know which path is the right one? We all have paths in this life. There are more than one. When those paths are good for us and when they’re bad, we can feel it. Those are clues that we can tap into. In those moments, we should ask ourselves: Why am I feeling this way? Why am I having this reaction? What about my world view or my values is causing this?

I’ve asked myself this a lot lately. It could discourage me, or it could be the catalyst to learning more about myself and shaping a path that’s more in line with my values. And that’s what matters most.


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