Founder Story: Healthy

When I first took my Health Inventory and Action Plan, I was shocked! I always thought of myself as reasonably healthy across each of the four dimensions. But simply asking myself the question of where I wanted to be and where I was revealed that in fact I was NOT where I wanted to be in ANY of the four categories! 

The categories I felt I suffered the largest discrepancy in were my mental health and my spiritual health. 

  • Mental Health: I was NOT getting enough sleep. Need more sleep. 
  • Spiritual Health: I had virtually NO hygiene there whatsoever. 

After thinking about it, I decided to focus on my spiritual health. While sleep is important, it was only a little bit within my control, and so I decided that trying to get more sleep should just be something I’m thinking about in the background, and not the focus of my Action Plan.

I came up with a few exercises for improvement of my Spiritual Health, and it quickly became obvious that what I really needed to was to start meditating daily. 

I decided on a time of day (right after lunch) and told myself I would try my best to do it each day at that time. I told myself that if I couldn’t, I wouldn’t be too hard on myself. Even if it only ends up being 1 or 2 days a week, that’s FAR better than the ZERO days I was doing it prior to my Health Inventory and Action Plan!

I’m STILL on this Action Plan, and may be for the rest of my life. It’s often hard for me to stop being productive for 10 minutes and taking the time out for my spiritual health, but I can tell you each time I do, I feel so cleansed after. Like my brain just took a shower and brushed its teeth. I’m happy to keep this in my life now and to continue to tend to my Spiritual Health!

Health Inventory & Action Plan

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