Founder Story: Our Goals

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Bodhi's Goals

Our goals start with our “why.” We are inspired to help people live their best lives through proven alternative learning methods. When people sign up for Bodhi Band and stick around, it makes us happy. When they tell us what a difference we’re making in their life, it makes us even happier!

Our goals are challenging. We regularly set goals around our company, around our customers, and around the impact we wish to have on our community.

Each year, we revisit, reset, and reaffirm our goals. We’re passionate about being a long-term company, so we start with our 10-year outlook. Then we paint a 3-year picture. And finally, we set our direction for the year. Once we have that, we can break them down further and create accountability across the team.

Our mission is to help as many humans as possible become their best self and make Earth a better place for all of us. We truly hope that each of our members finds success with THEIR goals and lives a happier, more fulfilling life as a result.

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