How does Bodhi Band help you live a better life?

 How does Bodhi Band help you live a better life?

We wanted to take a minute to explain to you just how the Bodhi Band program works.

Not Just a Collection of Mantras

The mantras you need to live a good life are simple and few. What are they? Live gratefully, take notice of the little things in life, write your own story, be healthy, give back, forgive, mastery... There are dozens – not hundreds – of these life mantras that, if truly embodied, would lead to a great life.

But Bodhi Band is more than just a collection of life mantras. It’s a holistic program with a syllabus carefully designed to teach the four pillars of a fulfilling life – perspective, self-awareness, connection, and contribution. 

  • You'll start off with foundational work, using mantras that help you get to know yourself. 
  • You'll also learn mantras that will help reorient your perspective towards one that fosters growth and positivity. You'll set a baseline and build a framework for future months. 
  • You'll also work on mantras that help you connect better with others and with the earth. 
  • Finally, you'll assimilate mantras that help you contribute back in a way that's authentic and fulfilling for you. Ultimately you’ll be contributing to the world in a way that fills you with joy and fulfillment.

The Toolset

You know most of these mantras. But you don’t live them. Why? Because it’s not enough to know them. They require muscle memory. And for muscle memory, you have to practice them over and over. That's what Bodhi Band does.

You will receive a package every month complete with a fresh mantra and a new band, plus proven daily practices, guided journaling, talks given by industry experts, links to scientific studies, content summaries from the best books in the field, articles, words of encouragement, and more, all designed to help you keep your commitment to yourself.

In the end, our goal is to craft a program designed to ensure you don’t just learn the content, you EMBODY it. Our goal is for you to stay engaged and motivated on your journey to become a better you. 

In other words, our goals are aligned with yours.

Help is here. Happiness and fulfillment are within your reach. The path ahead leads to a well-lived, authentic life.

Let us be your guide,

Bodhi Band


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