Nature and Well-Being

How much time should you be spending outdoors?

The Value of Nature

As the world warms up, the sun shines, the flowers bloom, and the birds sing, it becomes tantalizing to spend time outdoors. We humans belong in nature. And now thanks to a recent study, we can say for sure that staying connected to Mother Earth improves our health and well-being! 

A recent study found that those who spent at least 2 hours a week outdoors were significantly more likely to be healthier and have higher well-being than those who didn’t. In the study, this proved true whether you were old or young, healthy or not. In fact, it doesn’t even matter HOW you achieve the time outdoors… You could do it all at once or squeeze it in bit-by-bit wherever you have time. As long as you shoot for at least 2 hours a week.

So no more excuses! At the next chance you get, step outside, smell the smells, breathe the air, and fall in love all over again with the great outdoors.


“The earth has its music for those who will listen.”
– Reginald Vincent Holmes



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