Success Through The 3x3 Behavior Change Elements

Time for Change

Do these three things for a great start to the year!

Right about this time of year, everyone starts thinking about what they want to change and improve about their life. To which we say, “Hell yeah! Go get ‘em!”

Then not too long after, it starts to set in. We fall into our old routines and eventually settle to not make that big change we had ambitions of just a few weeks prior. So what gives? And how do you break this cycle? 

The Three Pillars of Change

All successful behavior patterns come in three steps:

  1. The trigger
  2. The behavior
  3. The reward

So if you really want to change your behavior, ask yourself… Did you provide for all three? Where did you lack? 

If there is no trigger, think about what could be. Maybe right when you wake up or last thing before bed? When you first get to work? Right after you get out of the shower? 

How about a reward? You might be thinking, “I have the strongest will power around. I’m a grown adult. I don’t need a reward to change my behavior!” Don’t fall into that trap! It can be as big as a well-deserved vacation or as small as getting to watch your favorite TV show, but make sure you give yourself SOMETHING for your behavior change victory lap.

Repetition, Repetition, Repetition

Next up is to repeat, repeat, repeat. In order for the new behavior to become muscle memory, you must repeat it dozens of times. So it’s important you approach your goal by telling yourself you’re going to commit to at least X times before you consider the new behavior “automatic.” Think about your nature. What’s the number for you? 45? 100?

Start Small, Really Small, Really Really Small

Finally, start small. And when we say small, we mean as small as it NEEDS to be to where you will have NO excuse to start on your new behavior. Is it 10 minutes of exercise per day? Try 1 minute. No, seriously. Give yourself NO excuse. Then once you’ve created a pattern, try bumping it up to 2 minutes. You’ll be where you want to be in no time!

We’re rooting for you!

There are MANY techniques for helping you achieve behavioral success, but if you focus on those three you’ve got a really great start. Whatever your goals, we’re rooting for you!

We’ve got many more behavior change tactics and techniques waiting for you in the Bodhi Band program. That’s because Bodhi Band isn’t just about the most important mantras in life – it’s about ingraining those lessons into your daily life through behavior change. 

Happy New Year, and we look forward to seeing you in the program!

The Bodhi Band Team


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