The Questionnaire for Eudaimonic Well-Being (Waterman et al., 2010)

We provide this unrevised questionnaire for you here as a reference. While we can also mention some statistics about the average score (taken in the initial study, which you can find here), we emphasize that the greatest value in this questionnaire isn't in comparing yourself to others – it's in measuring your own improvement over time.

The possible range of scores are between 0 and 85. The average score is around 55.

This questionnaire contains a series of statements that refer to how you may feel things have been going in your life. Read each statement and decide the extent to which you agree or disagree with it. Try to respond to each statement according to your own feelings about how things are actually going, rather than how you might wish them to be.

Please use the following scale when responding to each statement.

For questions WITHOUT an "(R)": Strongly Disagree 0 1 2 3 4 Strongly Agree

For questions WITH an "(R)": Score these in reverse – Strongly Agree 0 1 2 3 4 Strongly Disagree

  1. I find I get intensely involved in many of the things I do each day.
  2. I believe I have discovered who I really am.
  3. I think it would be ideal if things came easily to me in my life. (R)
  4. My life is centered around a set of core beliefs that give meaning to my life.
  5. It is more important that I really enjoy what I do than that other people are impressed by it.
  6. I believe I know what my best potentials are and I try to develop them whenever possible.
  7. Other people usually know better what would be good for me to do than I know myself. (R)
  8. I feel best when I’m doing something worth investing a great deal of effort in.
  9. I can say that I have found my purpose in life.
  10. If I did not find what I was doing rewarding for me, I do not think I could continue doing it.
  11. As yet, I’ve not figured out what to do with my life. (R)
  12. I can’t understand why some people want to work so hard on the things that they do. (R)
  13. I believe it is important to know how what I’m doing fits with purposes worth pursuing.
  14. I usually know what I should do because some actions just feel right to me.
  15. When I engage in activities that involve my best potentials, I have this sense of really being alive.
  16. I am confused about what my talents really are. (R)
  17. I find a lot of the things I do are personally expressive for me.
  18. It is important to me that I feel fulfilled by the activities that I engage in.
  19. If something is really difficult, it probably isn’t worth doing. (R)
  20. I find it hard to get really invested in the things that I do. (R)
  21. I believe I know what I was meant to do in life.


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