The Science of Goals

There is a mountain of research that's been done around goals, goal-setting, and the value it brings, both to your life and to your wellbeing. 

Here are just a few articles on the topic.


Psychology Today: “Goal-Setting Is Linked to Higher Achievement”

In this 2018 article from PT, Marilyn Price-Mitchel Ph.D. outlines the value of goal-setting and 5 tips for children... and adults. 


Inc.: “What Goal-Setting Does to Your Brain and Why It's Spectacularly Effective”

Just as the title promises, Inc. Magazine outline how setting goals affects the brain and what kind of goals you should set, according to your brain's wiring.


Positive Psychology: “The Science & Psychology Of Goal-Setting 101” 

In this fairly deep article, a whole plethora of goal-related science is presented, including how goal setting is used in the field and the psychology behind it.


Ted: “The Science of Setting Goals” 

Here Ted presents a few things to think about when you're setting goals, including setting goals that matter, not just are easy wins, and focusing on the process, not the outcome.




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