Visualize Your Future

Visualize Your Future

Succeeding Through Purposeful Action

We all know or know of people who have achieved personal goals that seem out of reach for the rest of us. Those goals could be professional, personal, spiritual, financial, familial, physical, academic, or something else. And often, our impulse is to write them off as lucky or anomalous, convincing ourselves that we could never get so “lucky”. 

But adopting that viewpoint is not helpful to you and your own goal seeking. Bodhi Band seeks to build up your ability to look past short term hurdles and commit yourself to a longer-term purpose around which you will align all of your actions.

Dive into the program and its subscription options to learn more about how you could try this for yourself.

While you think about whether this program is right for you, start looking ahead to the future you want. Don’t rush this step. Take time to map out your personal values, interests and passions. Write out a draft story of your life, and let it sit for a while to ensure it maps well to your values. This story will become the PURPOSE that you pursue in the upcoming years.

Your story is critical to achieving the life you want. Successful people don’t wander aimlessly; they commit to a purpose and dedicate all of their actions towards it, often for many years. They make hard choices and personal sacrifices in order to stay on that target.

The stronger your clarity and commitment to your purpose, the more likely your success becomes.  This is because nobody’s path is a straight line. All people experience bouts of bad luck as well as good luck. What successful people do is develop resilience to weather times of bad luck, while ensuring they are positioned to capitalize on periods of good luck.

The Bodhi Band will help you design and refine the story that’s right for you, as well as train you through practice and repetition on the skills you need to maintain resilience for the long haul. 

Thank you, and don’t wait! Visualize your future self now.

Bodhi Band Founders

Tim, Chris & Pete


"If you hang around the barbershop long enough, sooner or later you' re going to get a haircut"   
– Denzel Washington



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