What are the various life domains that contribute to life satisfaction?

In our program, we have you focus on just four life domains – health, work, play, and love, and we pool a number of subdomains underneath those. We do this because these are the four most commonly important and broadest domains in most people’s lives. 

However, the domains at the top of your list might be different. Here’s a list of the most relevant life domains, according to two studies, Andrews and Withey (1976) and Campbell, Converse, and Rodgers (1976).

They’re listed in alphabetical order.

  1. City/county
  2. Community
  3. Economic situation
  4. Education
  5. Family
  6. Friends and associates
  7. Health
  8. Home/Housing
  9. Interpersonal relations
  10. Job
  11. Leisure/leisure-time activities
  12. Life in your country
  13. Local government
  14. Marriage
  15. National government
  16. Neighborhood
  17. Organizations
  18. Religion
  19. Savings/investments
  20. Self
  21. Services/facilities
  22. Standard of living
  23. Work



  1. Andrews, F. M., & Withey, S. B. (1976). Social indicators of well-being: America’s perception of life quality. New York: Plenum Press.
  2. Campbell, A., Converse, P. E., & Rodgers, W. L. (1976). The quality of American life: Perceptions, evaluations, and satisfactions. New York: Russell Sage Foundation.

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