What does everyday love do for my well-being?

This recent study has the answer

Felt Love and Well Being

The unsung hero of relationships may be to thank for higher psychological well-being, according to a recent study.

The study published in Science Daily looked at "felt love" – brief experiences of love and connection in everyday life – and its impact on well-being. They found that people who experienced higher “felt love” also had significantly higher levels of psychological well-being, which includes feelings of purpose and optimism.

But “felt love” doesn’t have to be what you think.

According to Zita Oravecz, assistant professor at Penn State and researcher involved in the project, “It's those micro-moments in your life when you experience resonance with someone. For example, if you're talking to a neighbor and they express concern for your well-being, then you might resonate with that and experience it as a feeling of love, and that might improve your well-being." 

They also found that being mindful of these types of experiences helps you to be aware of them, and when that happens, you notice more of them. Try this next time you’re out there in the world interacting with others. Are you experiencing “felt love”? How’s it feel?


Read more at ScienceDaily.com.

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