What type of music is best for getting into flow?

You’ve got options.

Flow Music

When working to achieve a flow state, music may help. But which music you choose matters. So which types of music are best for aiding your flow?

First, how does music help flow?

Music is a powerful flow enhancer because of how it activates both hemispheres of your brain. Further, a study published in the Journal of Psychology of Music found that listening to music caused the subjects to experience more positive moods, improve efficiency, and achieve better quality of work when they were listening to music. Additional studies have replicated these results.

So which types of music are best?

Or if you’re looking in your own library, try to find music that’s… 

  • Instrumental – Your brain hears the lyrics and activates verbal reasoning, which can interfere with focus. The best music for flow is “low-information” according to research from Ohio Wesleyan University. That said, if the work you’re doing is repetitive or mundane (for which not a lot of focus is necessary), then go for it! In this case, vocals will provide a form of relief from the monotony of boring work.
  • Consistent beat or repetitive – This repetition helps your brain focus.


What’s our favorites? Well, we LOVE Bach’s Cello Suites (Spotify, iTunes) or Chopin’s Nocturnes (Spotify, iTunes), although that second option MIGHT put you to sleep.

What’s YOUR favorite flow music? Let us know in the comments!

Tuning in… 

The Bodhi Team

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