When changing your behavior, stay positive!

Stay Positive

Changing your behavior is hard, but one thing that makes it harder is having the wrong mindset. Try these approaches for staying positive in the midst of change.

Mindful Optimism

It may sound silly, but just tell yourself you’re going to see the optimistic side of it. Seriously. Tell yourself you’re going to stay positive during the process, even when it gets hard or discouraging. Tell yourself you’re willing and capable. That you believe you can do it. Trust us – it works.

Mindful Self-talk

Which brings us to our next tip: Be mindful of your self-talk – that inner voice that can be your greatest cheerleader or your worst critic. When tackling behavior change, make sure that inner voice is on your side. So let’s hear some “You can do this, [YOUR NAME HERE]"

Zero Tolerance

We know… shooting for 100% success in your desired behavior change sounds hard. “But what about when I miss just ONE day?” You ask. “Won’t that create a discouraging/negative moment?” 

In the end, zero tolerance it’s a noble target and one that inspires hope. In the end, hope is a powerful force in getting you to the finish line. Tell yourself you’re not going to get discouraged if/when you miss a day, or eat just one piece of chocolate, or smoke just one cigarette. It’s okay. You’re human. Just let those be moments to start again, once again with mindful optimism and positive self-talk.


Bodhi Band is a program about learning the most important mantras of life. But it’s also a program about behavior change. We understand how hard it is, but we also understand how important it is. That’s why included in the program is an introduction to an extensive toolset of behavior change tools like the ones mentioned above. 

We wish you all the best in your journey to do hard things that make your life better.  


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