Our Mission

Passionate About Helping

Passionate About Helping

We are a small group of passionate individuals who are not only inspired to help people live their best lives; we also believe traditional models of learning are fraught with issues, and we are passionate about finding more successful alternative methods. We believe most notably, the most effective method for learning is by doing. And doing. And doing.

Research-Based Approach

Research Based Approach

We also believe in selling real, effective solutions. We've carefully constructed a program backed by science, and we meticulously validate every practice and lesson against the science.

We do all that without talking about it very much. We believe we shouldn't waste your time telling you why a certain approach or practice works – it should just work. And that's the most important thing. 

Our Secret Sauce

Our Secret Sauce

Finally, we are students of behavioral psychology, and as such understand that changing your behaviors is amazingly difficult. 

That said, there are tools for success, and we do our best to employ them in our programs. The most important of these tools is repetition, but it is through our combination of methods that creates a comprehensive program for successfully changing behavior.

Better You, Better Everyone

Better Everyone

Our mission isn't just to make you a better human, we're passionate about making life on Earth better for all of us.

We (com)passionately believe in our give-back program: each month, we invest proceeds from Bodhi Band into nonprofits that are doing great work to improve life here on Earth.

You'll learn more about our give-back program as a member of Bodhi Band!

We're Rooting For You!

We're Rooting For You

We truly hope that each of our members finds success with both our learning methods and our behavioral change practices, WITHOUT being bogged down by having to learn the science, and as a result has higher subjective well-being and lives a more fulfilling life – and hopefully has fun along the way!