Why Study This Mantra...

To establish being selfless as a mainstay in your life. This, in turn, will be sure to reap constant rewards not just for others... but for you!
"No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted."
– Aesop


You will establish being selfless as a mainstay in your life. This, in turn, will be sure to reap constant rewards not just for others... but for you!

When it comes to making a better life for yourself, being more giving may seem like a curious place to start. But there's no better foundation for working on yourself than establishing selflessness. It grounds you. It connects you. It calms you down and relieves stress. It gives you a kick of oxytocin. It boosts you up. It gets you feeling warm inside.

This month, you'll learn to integrate little acts of kindness into your everyday life. For your monthly challenge, you'll set yourself up for a life of altruism for months (and years) to come. 

Before you begin...

Before you start thes practices and challenges, take a moment to rate yourself on this mantra. Give yourself a score from 1-10 (10 being the highest). 

Do this again at the end of a month of practices and challenges. How much have you grown? 

The Practices

Daily Practice

Random Acts of Kindness

Today's affirmation: "I value kindness"

As I put on this mantra this morning, I am making a promise to myself that I'll do at least ONE random act of kindness today. It can be anything large or small, as long as it is perceived by another as a kind act, without expectation of reciprocation.

Each time I look at my wrist, this mantra will remind me of my promise.

Of course, I am not limited to one random act per day. I can (and should) perform as many as opportunity allows.

Monthly Challenge

Start a Give Calendar

Giving altruistically, that is, without expectation that you get anything in return, is one of the healthiest actions you can take for yourself. It's also one of the hardest to prioritize, especially in today's busy world.

This month, get started on your Give Calendar. Pull out your journal and start brainstorming. Choose 12 actions and/or charities that speak to you and your passions. Some can involve giving time; others money. You could volunteer at a food shelter. Donate your old clothes to Goodwill. Plant a tree in a park. Whatever works for you.

Next, you're going to do one of these activities each month for the next 12 months. You don't need to determine which activity goes when. You only need to figure out how you're going to stay committed. We recommend using your favorite life planner, like the calendar or reminder apps on your phone.

Try to focus on local charities/recipients or causes you have a particular closeness to.

Give Journal

At the end of the day, write down what kind acts I did, how it made me feel, and how it made the recipient feel.

The Reasoning

For a definitive look at this month's mantras and practices, including what philosophers, theologians, psychologists, and scientists throughout history have thought, taught, and advocated, click below.

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