Why Study This Mantra...

You will develop the skill of being more grateful in your every day life. You will discover how to find gratitude in all sorts of places. This will unlock a newfound appreciation for all moments in your life, big and small!.
“Let us rise up and be thankful,
for if we didn’t learn a lot at least we learned a little,
and if we didn’t learn a little, at least we didn’t get sick,
and if we got sick, at least we didn’t die;
so, let us all be thankful.”
– Buddha


There's no more surefire way to reach a life that's peaceful, joyful, and blissful than to be full of gratitude.

It's hard. Gratitude is easy to forget. That's why this month's daily practice is especially designed to help you remember all day long. For this month's challenge, you'll do something that's even harder, but trust us, it's worth it.

The Practices

Daily Practice

Gratitude Exercise

Today's affirmation: "Thank you."

As I put on this mantra this morning, I will think of one thing for which I am grateful. I will write it down in my journal. It may be the same thing as yesterday, but I will attempt to think of something new each day, so I can find new sources of gratitude.

Note: This will prove more difficult after a week or two goes by. THAT'S OKAY. There is no right number of things to be grateful for! 

As I go throughout my day, when I look down at my wrist, I will be reminded of today's thing for which I am grateful, and I will say, "thank you." Not just for this day's thing, but for all things. In that moment, I will attempt to truly feel gratitude in my heart.

Monthly Challenge

Gratitude Letter

At the beginning of the month, write a letter to someone to whom you owe thanks but have never really expressed it. This could be a good friend, a mom, a brother... Someone you're close to and really thankful for (but never really gave a proper thanks). In your letter, speak from the heart. Let them know how you feel about them. Shoot for 300 words.

Next, arrange a time to go to their house and read it to them. Leave the letter with them. If this is too much for you, you may simply mail them the letter instead. However, going there and giving it/reading it in person is so much more powerful for you both. We promise, it will be a really positive moment (maybe some tears) and memory that you'll both cherish for a long time.

Gratitude Journal

Each day as I put on my mantra, I will write down one thing for which I am grateful today.

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