Stop and smell the roses

Why Study This Mantra...

You will develop the skill of stopping, taking notice, and appreciating the joy in the little things in life. And there is so much joy!
"Don't hurry. Don't worry. And be sure to smell the flowers along the way." 
– Walter Hagen


All journeys begin with a first step. In your case, that first step is realizing joy is all around you in life, and taking notice of it throughout your day.

Appreciation for the small things is very much connected to happiness and life satisfaction. Regardless of who you are and how you're wired, you can develop an everyday appreciation and reap immense benefits from it.

That's why you'll start your journey here. The seeds of altering your life perspective lies in the small.


Before you begin...

Before you start thes practices and challenges, take a moment to rate yourself on this mantra. Give yourself a score from 1-10 (10 being the highest). 

Do this again at the end of a month of practices and challenges. How much have you grown?


The Practices

Daily Practice

Beauty in the Little Things

Today's affirmation: "I appreciate the little things in life."

Each time I look down at my wrist, I will stop whatever I'm doing, look around, and find at least one thing near me that makes me happy. Then I'll take a moment to smile and acknowledge its presence and to appreciate that it is part of my life. Appreciating moments are good too.


Monthly Challenge

Picture Day

Think of a place near you that you find beautiful. This could be anywhere. A park. Your mom's house. Whatever speaks to you. Outdoors is preferred, but not required. This place can be 5 minutes from your home, or 1 hour. Up to you.

Next, schedule a day to go there and take pictures. Make sure you carve out at least a few hours. Take a lot of pictures. Once you're done, pick out 1 or 2 pictures that you like the most and make them permanent. You can do that by printing and framing them for your wall, making them your phone wallpaper, or simply sharing them with a friend.

You don't have to be an expert photographer to get value out of this exercise. You might even be surprised by your results!


Journaling Practice

Incorporate the Little Things into your Life More Often

Reflect on a few of the most meaningful things you noticed during your daily practice.

  • Think about how you can incorporate more interactions into your day with the things that brought you joy.
  • Maybe you found yourself continually looking at art on your wall to bring you joy. Find some resources online or classes in person to learn how to draw or paint.
  • Maybe you looked at pictures of your family or a photo from a recent trip. Set aside a little time each day to connect with your family, or plan another trip/outing to relive the joy of that prior moment and create new memories. Maybe bring a picture of your family to work for your office.


The Reasoning

For a definitive look at this month's mantras and practices, including what philosophers, theologians, psychologists, and scientists throughout history have thought, taught, and advocated, click below.

Learn the Context