Founder Story: Change Your Vantage Point

Founder Story: Change Your Vantage Point

I’ve always been pretty good about Changing My Vantage Point with the small stuff. When I hit unexpected traffic, I’m just happy to get to listen to more of my audiobook. I don’t fret too much if we’re running late and there’s nothing we can do about it. I tend to say what’s on my mind if something’s bothering me. And I don’t watch the news because I know it’ll just give me anxiety. 

It’s the large stuff that I struggle with. I strive for an unrealistic level of control over my life. The problem is I definitely don’t always have full control over my career and professional life. As a husband and a parent, I don’t always have control over big household changes. I certainly don’t have control over my health. In all three cases, I can control myself, my thoughts, and my actions, but I can’t control what the world throws at me, and sometimes that fills me with tons of anxiety, stress, and frustration.

So when I first put on a “Change Your Vantage Point” band, I knew that’s where I needed to focus. It’s hard because these big decisions are important! So it’s always easy for me to convince myself that my fretting, remorse, rumination, frustration, WHATEVER, is justified because the consequences are important. 

But Changing Your Vantage Point isn’t about the importance of the event – it applies to both big and small. Changing Your Vantage Point is about what you can/can’t control and how much. It’s about recognizing and being honest with yourself about that control. It’s about knowing when to let go of the control you NEVER HAD IN THE FIRST PLACE. 

So that’s what I focus on now. Whenever I find myself stressed about a major life direction, I ask myself (a) what can/can’t I control in this situation? (b) am I doing my best at what I can control? and (c) how can I look for the upside and move past whatever is stressing me out?

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