Founder Story: Tim's Learn List


Founder Story


For 30 days, I kept a list of all the things that popped into my head that I wanted to learn about. Some days I wrote down a few, other days none at all. Of course, I looked up the answers to quite a few of them, but I’ll leave that part to you! 

Here’s what I wrote down…

  1. What sound does a giraffe make?
  2. How does England’s royal succession work?
  3. What are the new features of the new iPhone?
  4. What are all of our glands in our body and what do they all do?
  5. Can your ovulation tracker really be used against you in court?
  6. Did that one King Henry really have all of his wives killed? What was that about?
  7. Are there more bugs out at night or during the day? Why?
  8. Why is it called a baguette? What’s the etymology? 
  9. What does “namaste” actually mean?
  10. Is it true you can’t control lighting in your dreams?

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