Love, Dream, Risk

Love Dream Risk

Steve Jobs once said, “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.” But that’s what we all risk doing when we tell ourselves no. When we mutter again and again, “not yet.”

You’ve got to say yes to your life. Yes to your dreams. I can make it. Yes, I can.

Where are you now? Reading email. Working. This day isn't a means to the end. This is it. Don’t miss it. Love, dream, and risk.


This is a simple three-step process, and step one is to find what you love. What you’re passionate about. Imagine that when you’re on your deathbed, there will be ideas, talents, goals, and potential that you will have never acted on. Your roster of regret. What would be on that list if you died today? What do you want scratched off? Whatever your gift, what are you doing with it?

You’ve got to love what you do. You’ve got to find what you love. When you do, you’ll know. And when you do, it may not make perfect sense. It may not all fall into place right away. It will be messy. It will require faith. It will require ignoring people who tell you you’re going the wrong way. Follow your heart and the dots will connect later. As long as you’re following your heart.


Because in the end, you have two options. Two roads. And you want to take the second one. The one where you dream big. Where you turn those dreams into goals, then you achieve those goals. The one where you have the guts to take risks. To fail big. 

Because in the end, if you’re doing what you love, you don’t fail. Because there is no failing. Only learning, improving, moving on.

Trust us, the balance of regret is on that other road.


You’re in a process of becoming. When you take risks, and when you miss your goal, when you stumble, you grow. You grow back better and smarter and stronger. People watching you from the sidelines might think you’re crazy, but you’ll ignore that. Then one day, you’ll look back and you’ll be surprised at what you’ve become. At how far you’ve come. And how dreamy your life has become.

Don’t give up unless you’re forced to give up. Be your own booster. Tell yourself, “I can do this. I can make this happen.” Feel the fear, then do it anyway. 

In short, love, dream, and risk.

You’re writing the next chapter of your life as we speak, whether you know it or not. How would you like it to be written?



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