Bodhi Band (Digital Only)
Bodhi Band (Digital Only)
Bodhi Band (Digital Only)
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Bodhi Band (Digital Only)

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Bodhi Band is your digital life coach.

What will you get if you go digital? 

  • New mantras monthly
  • Daily affirmations and practices
  • Monthly challenges
  • Journal prompts
  • Text message updates and reminders
  • The science behind the mantra and its practices


The mantras you need to live a good life are simple and few. What are they? Live gratefully, write your own story, be healthy, compassionate... And mostly, you already know them!

But you don’t always live them. Why?

  • Because it’s not enough to know them. They have to be muscle memory. 
  • And to be muscle memory, you have to practice them over and over.
  • So that's what Bodhi Band does.

How is Bodhi Band different? 

  • Each month, you focus intensely on one mantra.
  • Through a combination of daily practices, affirmations, challenges, and hyper-guided journaling, you’ll learn to embody the mantra.

Isn't a great life about more than just living by a set of mantras? 

  • A great life requires much more. But in the end, it's nothing that can't be taught through a series of mantras.
  • We've architected for you a killer program that gets you from A to Z.
  • You'll start off on more foundational work through mantras that help you get to know yourself.
  • You'll also learn mantras that will help you reorient your perspective to one that fosters growth and positivity. You'll set a baseline and build a framework for future months.
  • You'll also work on mantras that help you connect better with others and with the earth. 
  • Finally, you'll assimilate mantras that help you contribute back in a way that's authentic and fulfilling for you.


Life is a journey. Take us with you and we’ll help you find your way.


If you're suffering from mental illness, you're not alone. Bodhi Band is not a substitute for professional medical care. Please you find the help you need.